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Needed Supply


We are creating Data Notebooks for each child in our classroom.  In order to do this and make them meaningful for the children, we are in need of a certain supply.  We need a flex poly binder for each child.  I like to call these “floppy” binders.  The binder only needs to be a half […]

Reading & Social Studies Update


Social Studies: We continued discussing the Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments of the Constitution) this week.  The students had to read scenarios and determine which amendment they pertained to.  Additionally, we acted out and learned the meaning of due process (steps taken before government can take your life, liberty, or property).     Reading: […]

Math – Week of 8/31


We will start learning strategies to use when solving division equations. Our standard says that students are able to solve up to 4 digit dividends and 2 digit divisors when dividing whole numbers. Students will be learning several strategies to prepare them for dividing decimals. You’ll see our charts pictured below.    


On Sept. 11 at 1:45, Big Shanty Intermediate would like to invite all community and family members out to our blacktop for a small presentation to thank our local First Responders.  Please feel free to join us in singing and speaking about how thankful we are for their hard work and dedication to our community. […]

Science Test Friday —- Parker/Walstead Homeroom ONLY!!!


We will be taking a test on constructive and destructive forces on Friday. Attached is the study guide that went home today. Constructive and Destructive Study Guide    

Paragraph Reminder


The students worked on creating a solid paragraph this week:  bold beginning, topic sentence, mighty middle, & excellent ending.  They were shown several examples along the way.  Next, the students were given a task to write a paragraph discussing the responsibilities of a good citizen and trying to relate that to the Dog Poop Initiative book […]

Math and Science week of 8/24/15


Math: Multiplication, Multiplication, Multiplication! Students will be calculating products using the standard algorithm and partial products. Below is an example of a multiplication problem solved using partial products and the standard algorithm:   Science: We are continuing constructive and destructive forces and will have a fantastic lab over the next 2 Thursdays. Remember to send […]

Thursday Reminders


Every Thursday remember to: -sign your child’s Eagle Update card (in back of agenda) -sign your child’s math communication log for Mrs. Hester -check your child’s Thursday folder for important papers   Every day: -Make sure your child is using his/her agenda as a homework checklist.  All homework is copied down in the agenda & […]

How do I comprehend what I’m reading?


Below you will find some helpful strategies students should focus on to assist them in understanding what they’re reading: -visualize (movie in head) -reread a section -make connections & predictions -ask questions/wonderings -background knowledge (nonfiction) -summarize after reading -put yourself in the book (think of yourself as the main character) -remove yourself from distractions Make […]

Donations Needed for Science Lab


Note: This paper will also go home in Thursday folders tomorrow. Students in Mrs. Parker/Walstead’s class will complete this next week. Students in Mrs. Hester/Sender’s class will complete the lab the first week of September during their science rotations.   Donations Needed!!!   We will be doing a plate boundaries lab in science class and […]

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