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Reading & Writing


Writing: All amendment paragraphs were due on Friday before Fall Break.  The students had 2 weeks to work on this one single paragraph.  They had to support their opinion for which amendment they believed was the most important.     Reading: We began working on how to determine the main idea of song lyrics and […]

Eagle Eye on Reading Update


Friday, October 4:  Eagle Eye on Reading points are due to Mrs. Schager for Eagle Eye on Reading party ONLY!!!  Mrs. Parker & Mrs. Sender will submit these points to Mrs. Schager.  You need to have 16 points to qualify for the above & beyond party.  This part does NOT count as a grade for […]

Family Fitness Night


¨ Come join us for a night of fun and fitness on Thursday, October 1st from 6-7 pm. ¨ Activities may include: track, hula hoops, pull ups, rope climbing, rock wall, 4 square, jump ropes, basketball and more. ¨ Dress comfortably (tennis shoes), grab your water bottle and come join the fun!

Math and Science Week of 9/14/15


Math: We are introducing place value as it relates to whole numbers through the millions and decimals to the thousandths. Students took a pre-assessment to determine what they already know and groups will be planned accordingly. You can help your child at home by practicing reading, writing and ordering whole numbers. We will learn how […]

Reading, Writing, & Social Studies


Reading: This week the students practiced finding text evidence to support their answers.  They explored this concept using primary source documents (Harper’s Weekly illustration, photographs, & slave child journal entry).    Writing: The students are learning how to support their opinion by writing about which amendment is the most important!  This writing will be due […]



Monday, Sept 14: -Eagle walk-a-thon online donations are due                                  -BBQ Street family night Wednesday, Sept. 16: -Cobb Water Presentation for 5th grade Thursday, Sept. 17: –Eagle walk-a-thon (wear appropriate clothes & shoes for walking the track/ bring water to […]

Thursday Folder


Check tomorrow’s Thursday folder for time sensitive info- i.e. fundraiser due next Thurs. & field trip permission slip & money info.   A Remind 101 text message went out about this.  If you are not receiving Remind 101 instant messages, please let Mrs. Parker or Mrs. Hester know.



Please have your child bring in his/her BYOD device for math. We will be using it for MobyMax and First in Math.  

Progress Reports


Progress reports go home Wednesday, September 9th.  Please, check the attached paper for amount of Eagle Eye on Reading points your child has currently earned.  Sign and return the progress report by Friday.

Social Studies Test


Hester/Sender’s Class:  Your child will have a TEST Tuesday, September 8th.  HINT:  They need to know what the Bill of Rights means, meaning of amendments (changes), which rights are in the 1st amendment, some information on the other amendments in Bill of Rights, who issues a warrant (judge), and meaning of due process.  They need […]

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