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Math Grade Recovery


Please remember that students are able to correct most papers that have below an 80% in math for grade recovery.  These assignments almost always have a note from us saying they need to correct, redo or see one of us about the assignment. Please remind your student to take this opportunity to improve their score.


Immigration Simulation Day: Thursday, February 25, 2016 On Thursday, February 25th, our class will be taken back in time to the days of immigration at Ellis Island during the late 1800s-early 1900s.  Students are encouraged to dress in period clothing for this reenactment.  Possible ideas include: -shawls, long skirts, and sweaters for girls -trousers, suit […]

Reading This Week


Point of View This week we are discussing the various points of view that can be found in books and in life situations.  Below you will find some models for support.  Click on the page link “reading resources” for the flocabulary rap about POV!                     Check out […]

 5th Grade Field Trip Reminder


The Fifth Grade is planning a field trip to Atlanta in May. We will visit the Breman Museum, the Center for Civil & Human Rights, and the Varsity.           The total cost for the trip will be $47.00 per student.  In order to reserve your child’s space on this trip, please return the permission form […]

Reading and Writing This Week


Reading We’ve been as busy as bees this week learning about figurative language.  Oh, the joy of similes, metaphors, personification, & hyperboles.  We’ve watched cartoons with examples, listened to songs, dissected poems, and analyzed books for their uses of this colorful language.  Feel free to check out some links on the reading resources page link.  FYI- […]

Fair Share Line Plot Notes


Students learned how to find the fair share when analyzing fractions on a line plot. Below is a picture of the notes we took in class. Students will be assessed on this skill next week.  

Events Happening Friday, January 8th


– Eagle Awards are happening at 9 am on Friday, January 8th.  Your child received an invitation on Tuesday if they are earning an award:  Blue Eagle, Gold Eagle, Most Improved, & Perfect Attendance (NO tardies and NO early check-outs) -Report Cards go home Friday.  Please, sign card & return it and the envelope on […]

Math – Week of 1/5/16


This week students are learning how to plot fractions on a line plot and analyze the data to determine frequency. Homework will be coming on beginning Thursday to practice these skills. Here are some examples of these plots:     Below is a video on line plots for fractions. It is a YouTube video so […]


We hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break and time with family.  We look forward to see all of your smiling faces on Tuesday, January 5th. 

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