Memory Book Project


Memory Book Project

In class, the kids are creating an elementary school memory book.  It has specific requirements and topics for them to write about while they reflect upon elementary school and prepare for middle school.  This is an in-class project.  One of pages does require some materials to be gathered from home.  One page is a collage of words and symbols that represent who they are.  This does NOT mean photographs of them.  It means looking through magazines, newspapers, pictures online, etc… to find words (determined, motivated, inspirational, nature, reading, “quotes”, etc…) and symbols (pictures of books (if they are a reader),  baseball items (if that is their passion), hiking trails or supplies (if they hike a lot), etc…).  This should be gathered from home and brought back to school in either a Ziplock bag or a paper bag, so the items don’t get lost.  The due date for these items is Monday, May 16th.  They may bring these items in earlier.  Additionally, one of the pages asks for the kids to think about a big headline or news story that left an impression on them.  They may choose to find some info on that and bring in clippings or Internet info to include on that page.  It could be great to have that, so when they are older and look back they will have all of the information.  All should be brought in by Monday, May 16th.

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