CCSD KidsTalk link  until April 15th http://www.kidtalkcobb.com/

KidsTalk is a video that students create independently modeled after TED Talks and it is a competition.  Last year’s winners presented at the CCSD preplanning in-service.



Dear Parents,

        End of Grade Milestones are just around the corner, and many children have test anxiety even though they may not show it. In order to help ease their anxiety and make them feel more confident and comfortable before the test, please send in 5 small notes of encouragement (one for each day of the Milestone), to be left on his/her desk each morning. You can label them Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc… or Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, if you’d like to be more specific. Please note, Language Arts test takes place on 2 days.  Day 1- Lang. Arts, Day 2- Lang. Arts, Day 3- Math, Day 4- Science, Day 5- SS.  The notes can be as simple as “do your best”, “you’re awesome”, ”I know you can do it”, “good luck”, funny pictures, jokes, or just a simple “I love you”. If possible, please place them in separate envelopes and send them together in one larger envelope or paper bag by Monday, April 11th. Thanks for your cooperation. A little note can make a BIG difference!


The New Deal Programs Postcard


This week we are finishing up our research writing project on historical people of the 1920s and 1930s by creating a Fakebook page.  It is BOTH a social studies grade and a grammar grade.  We are so proud of the students’ effort on this project.

Next week, the students will briefly research 1 of the 3 programs created by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Click on the “Social Studies” page link to find approved research websites to gather information on the CCC, WPA, or TVA.  The students will take this information, pretend they are a person who just given a job thanks to one of those programs, and write a postcard home telling about this new job opportunity.

Picture Day


Tuesday, March 29th is Picture Day.  Order forms went home in last week’s Thursday folder.  Make sure you bring these forms and money (if you want to purchase) on Tuesday.

If you misplaced your child’s order form, you can order online at www.gciportraits.com.  Code is bshans16.

Author’s Night


Flyers have gone home for a month and students have been preparing for Author’s Night!  Next week is the night!  Woo hoo!  A note will go home Monday asking about your child attending.  Both Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Hester’s classes are presenting on Author’s Night, so it is important for the kiddos to attend.  Luckily, they won’t need to stay for even a full hour AND they earn a homework pass!  They LOVE earning those!  We look forward to seeing you all Tuesday, March 22nd at 6:15 pm!

Also, as an extra bonus…the Book Fair will be open!!!  See you then!

Book Fair Volunteering


The sign up genius link for volunteering at the book fair on your blog.  Not all the parents are on the PTA Face Book where Media Center links are placed.  Thank you so much for all your help!




Fakebook Research Info


Check the Social Studies page link on the right for all of the websites to use while researching the person you and your partner chose.  The students will choose one of the people listed below from the 1920s and 1930s to create a Fakebook page.  This page will show historical understanding of that person.  

Babe Ruth

-Charles Lindbergh

-Langston Hughes

-Louis Armstrong

-Henry Ford

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

-Herbert Hoover

-Duke Ellington

-Margaret Mitchell

-Jesse Owens

Milestones Information & Practice Tests


Keep looking back at this section.  We will continually add new sites and information to reference as the weeks go on.


http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/english/ (online practice test)


Big Shanty Green Week!

Big Shanty will recognize National Green Education Week March 14-18th

Monday—Make a Difference Monday—bring a reusable water bottle—not a plastic bottle (like Dasani)–and get a homework pass

Tuesday—Wear Your Green— either a green colored shirt or green-themed shirt. Teachers will be encouraged to lower the lights throughout the school in conservation awareness.

Wednesday—Wear your Waste—each child will collect their trash for the day in individual Kroger bag and sort at end of day into recyclable and actual trash—graph your tally in your classroom

Thursday—Tip your hat to recycling—students may wear hats made of recycled material (not traditional hat day).

Friday—Ferns, Flowers and Photosynthesis— planting in the classroom (students should collect a milk carton-like container throughout the week to use as their planter)


School News:
**Please return completed Student Information form sent home in the large envelope last Thursday by Friday, March 11.  Thank you!

*3rd quarter ends on March 15.

*The Learning Commons is being genrefied!  If you’re able to come in to help, please click on link below:



3rd quarter Eagle Eye on Reading forms are
due Friday, March 15!  (you can click on the page link to the right to print off forms at home)


Upcoming Dates:
*Friday, March 11 –  Pre Race Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction for Kennesaw/Big Shanty Foundation   More information can be found in a previous blog post.
*Saturday, March 12 –  Spring Ahead 5K – prize for the class with most  percentage of participation!!!!!
*March 22 – Author’s Night (Our classes ARE participating in this!)

*March 25- LAST day to turn in Atlanta field trip permission slip and full payment of $47!!!  Don’t miss out on this trip!!!
*Saturday, April 30 COMCAST CARES is back…. More details to follow!
*Monday, May 16 – Awtrey Parent Night 6:30
*TBD – Palmer Parent Night


*Our students met with Dr. Luscre & Mrs. Yates to review cafeteria expectations.  Please ask your child about the discussion.

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