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Contact Information:

Mrs. Hester:

Mrs. Parker:  (note this email address is my maiden name)

Mrs. Walstead:

Mrs. Sender:


Sign up for REMIND 101 through text message or email.  The information will be on your child’s desk at Meet and Greet.


Parent Pack Information:

Parent Pack 2015-2016 Parker-Hester


Schedule:  (You are responsible for dressing appropriately for PE & Fitness days!!)

Hester Parker class schedules 2015 (updated- 1/4/16)


Breakfast and Lunch:

A great deal of changes have been implemented by the county this year.  Consult the Cobb County Website for this information.

-ALL money due 1st thing in the morning (BEFORE coming to class)


Open House Information:

2015 Open House

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