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Scholastic Book Wizard:

-Use this website to determine the reading level of many books.  Type the book’s title in the search box.  Then, click on the title for more information.  For example, the book Number the Stars has a grade level equivalent of 5.1.  That means its reading level is 5th grade 1st month of school.  The Lexile is 670.  Ideally, the beginning of 5th grade should be 800-850.  DRA level says 50.  For 5th grade, level 50-60 is great.   The guided reading level is U.  Levels T-V are on level for 5th.

Lexile Website:

Figurative Language (figurative language rap) (similes and metaphors in music)


How do visual & multimedia elements contribute to tone, meaning, & beauty? (Lion King trailer with a negative tone due to visuals & sound) (graphic novel of Prometheus & Zeus)


Current Events & Informational Websites for Kids:

National Geographic-

Tween Tribune-

Time for Kids-


Point of View

Check out the images on the main blog page for more info.  Here is the flocabulary rap!

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