Social Studies Resources

Bill of Rights:

–       This interactive game provides scenarios in which you determine the appropriate amendment from the Bill of Rights that protects that freedom.

-      If you like the game of Memory, play this similar style matching game with the Bill of Rights.

–     Learn about the amendments along with the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens.

–        Do you like to pretend you’re James Bond or a part of Mission Impossible?  Check out this site with a mission for saving the Bill of Rights.


Social Studies Textbook Online:

Instead of having to lug home your social studies textbook, feel free to view it online using the provided link.

username- cobbstudent5

password- password


Civil War:

Video & Profile of John Brown–  Bio. of abolitionist John Brown-video and profile text–view and read

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Videos & Profile– Read about abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe and discover the way see worked to bring an end to slavery.

Civil War Homepage

Discovering the Civil War: primary documents


The Civil War for 5th Graders

Dear America Series: Civil War


Westward Expansion (impact on Native Americans- rap)


Immigration (interactive tour of Ellis Island)


Panama Canal (Animaniacs song) (Quick video showing how the lock system works)

Fakebook Research Sites:

Website for ALL people listed below:

Babe Ruth

Charles Lindbergh

Langston Hughes

Louis Armstrong

Henry Ford

Franklin D. Roosevelt Hoover

Duke Ellington:

Margaret Mitchell

-Jesse Owens


The New Deal Programs:





World War II:

Interactive Pearl Harbor Timeline

Attack on Pearl Harbor Video


Cold War

Space Race


Berlin Wall/Berlin Airlift


Vietnam War

Vietnam War Facts


Korean War (impact)

Cuban Missile Crisis



Arms Race







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